You finally met him!
He is the most beautiful, the most smart.
That’s him!

She makes you feel dizzy,
she makes your heart beat stronger.
You have an irresistible desire to marry her!

You are looking to that day of your sumptuous wedding and you already have some sketches of it. However, you are dreading the stress of the preparations. You are working a lot, you are lacking some free time, your busy life does not let you to add any extra gap into your agenda. You are afraid of loosing your precious romantic moments because of the wedding planning.

In the run-up to the D-day, organisation details are on the rise and the stress increases, having an impact on your couple relations. Are you ready to loose your romantic role and to become simple business partners?

You do not wish to bother him with each organisational detail of your event…

You do not wish her to keep away from you during those interminable preparations…

Remember the crux of the matter : the profound happiness of your marriage !